Sweat It Out

Sweat It Out

[Ed. Note: Every day our intern Austin shows up at our office in the most boss sweatshirt we’ve ever seen, leaving us Googling the internet for where to get one just like it. He finds them on obscure corners of the internet, places that techno-know-nothings like us could never find. So we asked him to share his expertise with us and you.]

The time before spring is always a trying one. I’ve been adding to my sweater collection over the last few years, saving up what little money I have to buy something I’ve had my eye on, whether it’s the J’aime Rodarte jumper or the Viva Moz Morrissey sweater I got for Christmas. River Phoenix rocked a few awesome sweatshirts in his day, and being my ultimate icon, I’ve taken notes.

Each sweatshirt can add a casual, yet personalized feel to your wardrobe without compromising your style. Putting on a rad and cozy sweatshirt can greatly increase your daily wardrobe without saying too much, i.e. John Belushi’s “College” sweatshirt in Animal House. So grab a logo sweater to keep warm. Throw on your large knits. Support your favorite band with a vintage sweater. In this weather, it’s a win-win.

— Austin


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