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'I just wanna dress like a boy from the 70's, basically.'

[Ed Note: Chicago-native Tavi Gevinson has never been afraid to speak her mind. Since the age of 11 she’s let us all in on her magical brain; first as the writer of the blog Style Rookie, and now as Editor-in-Chief of the coolest online magazine for teenage girls Rookie. When she’s not busy creating a media empire, acting alongside the great Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a new feature film – she has time to come and visit the Shop-Ghost HQ and tell us about just being your average 17 year old high school senior; over everything and into witch craftin’.]


Photo by Stevie Dance

Today I’m wearing a Bruce Springsteen tee, Radarte sweatshirt, Stolen Girlfriends Club skirt and Nikes. I’ve been trying to dress simpler, I think because I am a senior in high school and I am over everything. But it’s like the Ghost World dilemma, you know, where you want to dress in a way where you’re not signing yourself to any kind of style or subculture but it’s impossible! I tried to dress simple today and then Laia said “oh you’re all goth today!” My boyfriend dresses really simple, he just wears sweaters and the same pair of jeans everyday, maybe that’s rubbing off on me. I just wanna dress like a boy from the 70’s, basically.

I don’t think I’m anti-fashion, maybe I am anti-everything now. I have so much else going on with Rookie, Enough Said (the movie I am in) and trying to do other things so when I wake up in the morning I just want to be myself and I don’t feel the need to be creative or express that creativity through my clothes, necessarily.

In Enough Said, I play Julia-Louis Dreyfuss daughter’s best friend who hangs out with Julia too much and is like trying to replace her daughter a little bit. I was obviously freaking out because I love Elaine (oh and Jerry and George). I like Elaine’s style because I love a baggy dress with clunky shoes, but I think I look to movies more than TV for style inspiration because growing up we didn’t have cable to all we watched was PBS Kids, I watched a lot of Arthur. I like Wednesday Addams, I am really into all the collars, and also the ones everyone says like Annie Hall and Margot Tenenbaum and The Craft. They’re all very simple in their style but still unique. I just watched The Squid and The Whale and I liked it because it wasn’t as extreme as a Wes Anderson movie, I feel it’s like a less intense Royal Tenenbaums, like, it’s still a family in 70’s and 80’s New York but it’s warm and every scene is not chock-full of details, it feels more natural and warm.


Photo by Stevie Dance

I love witchy stuff, Ouija board, an elixir that I take called ‘Witches, Bitches and Hoes’ that I purchased from Otherwilds in L.A. For a while I was really into crystals being very diligent about putting them in the sun or in water, but I felt like they weren’t making a difference so I stopped. Then I bought a love candle at Enchantments in the East Village and I lit it and then I met my boyfriend, so there you go. Petra Collins is one of my closest friends and collaborators. We went on the Rookie road trip last summer and we packed a bunch of clothes and used her sister as a model. We let the geography inspire us, I guess and Petra and I have the same sensibility, same points of references , we love the same teen movies so it’s very easy to communicate and create together. She’s also visited me at home over the last couple of years and sort of documented my high school experience and my life at home. She’s a great friend for a lot of reasons, but it’s just really nice to have someone that really gets how you see the world and vice versa. It helps me appreciate my own experiences in a way.


Photo by Stevie Dance

In terms of music, I am really into Lorde right now and also Bruce Springsteen. I just got into him this past summer, my favorite album is Darkness on the Edge of Town, which is also my favorite song, I think. I like how his music sort of makes you appreciate the suburbs and how he sings about the United States but it’s not necessarily patriotic, it’s a little more real, a little bittersweet. Also I think he’s really hot.

I think it’s good to think of yourself as an alien and when you do a fashion thing or a film thing you’re not like, “what am I supposed to do?” you’re just like oh, I’m an alien, I just drop in and say hi and move on to the next thing. Cause you know, I do live in the suburbs and it’s very weird to come down from a week of being in New York and being in control, doing what I want, doing work that I love, coming back, going to school and feeling powerless, you know, it just adds to that general teenage feeling where you feel inexplicably oppressed at all times by everything around you for no reason at all. – Tavi to SHOP-GHOST


Photo by Stevie Dance

Where are you from Chicago, IL

Who are your favorite designers Comme des Garcons, Meadham Kirchhoff, Miu Miu, more more more.

What is your style mantra How it makes you feel > how it makes you look.

Whose style do you admire Danny from The Shining.

Do steal clothes from your parents.

Spots my room, my kitchen.

Vintage is for telling stories.

Always Be My Baby.

Never Is a Promise.

I like it when men wear women’s clothes.

I like it when women wear men’s clothes.

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time.

Lipstick makes me feel witchy.

Centre parted hair is a personal goal once I grow it out.

I’d like to be more laid-back.

American Apparel has more clothes that I want than I wish it did.

Net-a-Porter gives me anxiety.

I’m secretly addicted to so many hard drugs.

Men’s shirts with a DVD of Annie Hall so people get what you’re going for.

Sneakers rule.

The best outfit I ever wore was in my dream.

I’ll always picture myself in a tiny cottage filled with junk.

A woman who I think has the best style is Lupita Nyong’o.

My favorite color is red.

Jeans make me struggle with curling up on the couch.

Heels are for concerts if you’re short and need to be able to see.

My favourite movie is hard to pick, but I have watched The Squid and the Whale many times lately.

My next big purchase is college education.

I’m upset I threw out this ridiculous picture of Avril Lavigne with me, age 7 or so, photoshopped in. I tried to convince my friends it was real.

I want to be like a happy dog.

Everyday I wake up achey.

I regret wearing #noregrets

Where I live people dress like they use Tumblr.

Everyone should wear more Mormon-y skirts.

I never want to see the inside of my middle school again.

One thing I couldn’t live without is a journal.

Start the day off with Julie Klausner’s podcast.

I’ve never seen Inception. Relax.

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